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Hydraulic Shearing Machine
Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Press for Transmission Industries

Our hydraulic press for transmission industries creates force by using fluid pressure on a piston, with the help of pumps, valves, intensifiers, and accumulators. Distinct adjustments, in terms of stroke speed, length and pressure can be done, while maintaining the press capacity limits.

These are also widely used for extruding and deep drawing operations. We devise our Hydraulic Press frames in C-type, straight-side type with tie rods, or open-rod design.

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Angle Shearing Machine

Angle Shearing Machine
  • Capacity : 220-ton.
  • 15hp Motor.
  • Duel Speed.
  • Take approximaitely five second for one cut.
  • Most robust design.
  • Hydraulic components are standard and reputed make.
  • Easy in operation
  • No wastage of angle because of single cut.
  • Angle cutting capacity : 150x150x20mm size.
  • Polyurathane hydraulic seals

Technical Specification: -

Pressing capacity 220-ton
Shearing capacity m.s. Angle size up to 150x150x20mm
Stroke of cylinder approx. 70mm
Stroke per minute 5 nos.
Blade thickness 25mm
Operation foot operated switch
Hp of electric motor 15hp, 3ph, 1440rpm, 50hz, v5.
Make of valve and pump rexroth, polyhydron and yuken / Suffoc
Type of machine round column type

Double Cut Shearing Machine
  • High Speed Operation
  • Robust Compact Design
  • High quality hydraulic & electrical component
  • Easy in operation
  • Application: Shearing
  • Capacity (Ton) : 100.
  • Angle to be cut : 130x130x12mm

Technical Specification: -

Pressing capacity 100-Ton
Shearing capacity M.S. Angle size up to 130x130x12mm
Stroke of cylinder Approx. 70mm
Stroke per minute 5 Nos.
Blade thickness 15mm
Operation Foot operated switch
HP of electric motor 15HP, 3Ph, 1440RPM, 50Hz, V5.
Make of valve and pump Rexroth, Polyhydron and Yuken
Type of Press-body Close frame type

Double Cut Shearing Machine

Horizontal C-Bending-Press

Horizontal C-Bending-Press
  • Double plate welded construction to give minimum defect with exceptional rigidity.
  • Power pack unit with manifold construction to minimize piping.
  • Heavy duty cylinder, with arrangement for infinite variable speed.
  • Die cushion cylinder and ejector cylinder, as optional arrangement.
  • Capacity (Ton) = 100, 150, 200, 250, 500.
  • Stroke = 300 to 1000mm.
Straightening, Bending, Drawing, Compacting, Trimming, Moulding, Embossing, Coining, and Punching etc.

Technical Specification: -

Ram forward capacity 200 Ton 100 Ton
Ram Stroke 500mm 450mm
Throat 315mm 250mm
Table size 600 x 1400mm 550 x 700mm
Electric motor capacity 15HP, 3Ph, 1440RPM 15HP,
Type of operation Hand & foot operation Do
Make of valve and pump Rexroth, Polyhydron and Yuken Do

Marking Press
  • High Speed Operation
  • Robust Compact Design
  • High Quality Hydraulic & Electrical Component
  • Easy In Operation
  • Application : Marking, Coining, Embossing and Bending.
  • Capacity (Ton) : 100.
  • Table Size : 200 X 200mm

Technical Specification: -

Pressing capacity 100 Ton
Stroke 50mm
Table Size 175 x 200mm
Throat distance 150mm
HP of Electric motor 15HP/11.2 kW, 3Ph, 1440RPM
Working Pressure 350 Bar

Marking Press

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